Welcome to the "18 for 4 foundation" 18for4.com

a social network for the social network of golf

In 2012, we were posed with the question of why charity golf tournaments in our area were so hard to find. We would only find out about them after they had happened from friends. Most commonly they would say "You should have played." or "They needed more players." These were always events for great local causes that if we knew about the tournament, we would have been there to support, and play golf.

We put together a plan, and 18for4.com is the result.

In 2016 we formed the "18 for 4 foundation", we are a 501c3 non profit site providing ALL charity golf tournaments a free place to post their events so they can be easily be found by golfers in their local areas. You can't play in a tournament if you don't know it is happening. Getting 72 to 144 people out on a golf course at the same time is a very difficult job, and we hope this will help tournament organizers reach more golfers.

As a golfer sets up a free membership profile, they will be asked to set a radius from their home location. A golfer will see "ALL" charity golf tournaments posted to site in that area. We hope this will make sure that "ANY AND ALL GOLFERS" who might be interested in playing in a charity tournament, know about that tournament.

Yes, We are providing this service for free to all golfers and all charity golf tournaments. This is an informational site. No one posting a charity golf tournament or using site will ever be contacted by the 18 for 4 foundation asking for payment for site usage. We will take unsolicited donations from golfers who would like to see us improve and grow what we are doing, but again, we will not require or bill you for services. Please report to 18for4.com any such requests.

While creating this newest version of site, we have programmed it into a social network frame. Why not. Golf is a social network, it should have a social network where golfers of any level can participate, and be social.

The network we have created is about golf. The people you played with, the courses you played, and the charity golf tournaments you played in. In a golfers clubhouse, post up the rounds and golf courses you have played and keep up on your friend's rounds. Post up these stories to a golf course's page so other golfers know what to expect at that golf course. Post up your photos and stories of the people and golf courses at the charity golf tournaments you have played in. Review golf courses you have played, and comment on your friends reviews. Tell a joke, take a pic of that awesome shot or the guy you are playing with who just 6 putted.

This is a growing part of what 18for4 is doing. We are not done programming and improving site, we are under the belief that this will be a growing process that will take many years as we learn what golfers, golf courses, and charity golf tournament organizers would like to see us do and how site is being used. We are hoping to keep 75% of the people using site to be 75% happy 75% of the time. Better than how I play golf, but a start.

We at the "18 for 4 foundation" look forward to growing with the golfing community, see more players at every charity golf tournament, and look forward to seeing your stories/ photos you share while out on the course playing golf and supporting charity golf tournaments.

Mobile device usage- The site does not have a per say "APP", but is mobile friendly and can be used from your phone or tablet. For ease of use, bookmark 18for4.com in your mobile device and use site from anywhere with quick access.