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  • We have been improving programming
    Please go to your settings- enter your City- State- Zip- Country to give yourself a geographic location.
    Please go to Edit Profile- set a radius from that location so any charity golf tournament within that radius will come to your Upcoming tournaments listings.
    Make sure you let other golfers and charity golf tournament organizers know about this network for golfers.

  • Jump on in, this is our gift to the golfing community. A social media site for golfers and charity golf tournaments that you the golfer, the everyday normal golfer, gets to start and create.

  • Yes, this is where this new social network is starting, at a pub. We launched earlier this week and looking for members to join in and have fun as we learn what golfers want in a social network.

  • We are just getting started, be some of the first to join the community. Go ahead you golfers, create that membership and help us create a social network about golf, golfers, golf courses, and charity golf tournaments. We need your input and we have missed a few golf courses in the US. Help us find them.

  • Still finishing a few things, but looking for your charity golf tournaments

  • We are just getting the site started, pardon our dust as we start rolling things out.
    There will be some minor changes happening over the weekend, so please bear with us.